Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nowhere Close To Wordless Wednesday

Newspaper Clipping, No Title
Lodge Members?

Frequently one finds a photograph from the past that, in its original context, made perfect sense. But looking at it several generations later, we have questions.

Obviously this group of gentlemen had something in common as witnessed by their badges. Without a title from the original newspaper, how are we to know?

This photo was generously sent to me by a local historical society member. She found it in The Bunker Hill, Illinois, Gazette, March 1948. It is identified there as "possibly the Woodsmen" and had been taken "70-75 years earlier" and "The picture is the property of Miss Viola McPherson of Gillespie..." I will have to go back to the original newspaper record to find the page, if that is possible. Until then, I include the entire 1948 identification and source.

Gentleman #3 top left, is identified as William Patrick Dickie, postmaster, my father's grandfather.